Kontias village was referenced in documents of the Byzantine period.
According to narrations, the village was initially located near the sea but it was deserted, due to pirates’ invasions.
One of the last pirates’ invasions, by pirate Psiroukis, was documented in the middle of 19th century. He was killed struggling to save his ship.
During the Ottoman period, in 1785, the first reference of the current location of the village is found. It’s now one of the biggest and well-organised villages of the island.
Agios Ioannis, the oldest church of the village, is considered to have been built in the 16th century.
In this day and age, Kontias numbers 32 churches and chapels, one of which, Agios Konstantinos, is at the property of LimnosWindmills!


The Gallery of Contemporary Balkan Art, where every year important artworks are displayed, is a must-see!

Taverns| Coffee Shops

Amongst the stone-built houses of Kontias, at the picturesque alleys and underneath the plane trees shade, 2 family taverns are waiting to serve your morning coffee, lunch and dinner.

“Platania” Cafe, opens in the afternoon, offering coffee and drinks in a friendly mood.

Bakery Sariklis

“Of all the flavourings, the bakery smells the best”. That’s the moto of “Sariklis” traditional bakery, at the village square, where the smells will lead you to and the flavours will reward you!

The two mini markets and the two kiosks will serve your daily needs.

The Dam

A walk at the dam, in Tripotama of Chandrias stream, is a worth-doing activity for the outdorsies. This artificial lake, being an important wetland, attracts tourists and excursionists.

Evgatis Beach

Only 2 kilometers away from LimnosWindmills you will find Evgatis beach.
Big and sandy beach, inspiring you to lay on the sunbeds or enjoy your free dives!


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